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My Skills

My Layout Design Skills

Layout design should not be confused with an illustrative graphic designer.

As Wikipedia notes, "a layout artist deals with the structure and layout of images and text in a pleasing format. ... For magazines and similar productions, color, typeface, text formatting, graphic layout and more must be considered."

Therefore, while I can design newspaper pages, brochures, invitations, and more, I cannot make illustrations from scratch.

I have shared just three projects here, but I have done a lot more: bookmarks, brochures, etc.

Mostly I use my layout design skills for school handouts now.

My Wedding Invitation Set

To make our wedding invitation, I scanned and edited bunny images from a vintage Hallmark card using Photoshop. (See the original card amongst the images above.)

I laid out the invitation in InDesign, formatted it for 2-up on a page, ordered quality paper, and had it printed at an office store for $0.50 a page.

I was able to print a matching envelope using a top-feed color printer at home. I used the data merge feature in InDesign to link my wedding Excel Spreadsheet. This enabled me to easily print each envelope with a custom address.

The thank you card was simple and finished off the theme, with plenty of space for a handwritten note below.

We decided on postcards for the RSVPs because they minimized paper usage and saved us money. I used data merge again in InDesign, linking to the main Excel Spreadsheet.

In this preview, I left the data merge carrots <<>> so you can see what they look like in the program. This meant that the receivers did not have to write their names and the post office had a return address in case something went amiss in the mail.

The stamp on the right, which has been modified to hide our address, was designed by Gina Sekelsky. Her self-inking stamps are beautiful. She provided an image file as well, which is what I used for this RSVP card.

Wedding Favors: Matchbox Ornaments
w/ Time Capsules Inside

I decided to make matchbox accordion book "ornaments" as wedding favors. They would become time capsules for the guests.

Each booklet was different! I used data merge in InDesign to link to the main Excel Spreadsheet, and each individual, couple, or child had their own quote. (The Dumbledore quote shown in the examples was just a filler when I made the prototypes.)

Additionally, there were 3 types of booklets: individuals, couples, and small children. This meant 3 different InDesign files with differing prompts.

I didn't want to give our wedding guests tchotchkes, so I came up with this idea. I thought they could put it on their tree every year or hang it as decor, and when they looked inside, they could not only remember our wedding but also see what life was like for them at the time.

Each ornament was put in a "parcel". I ordered the cardboard boxes direct from China using

I used Microsoft Word's mail merge to easily print address labels with each individual or couple's names.

As a detail-oriented person, I also wanted to tie the packages "correctly," so I followed this video tutorial.

(The bunny artwork, which I printed on sticker paper and punched out with a postage stamp punch, was done for us by Miss Coconut.)

Designing a Company Newsletter

As part of my work with the non-profit Action For Nature, I had to design a newsletter.

I was given this sample from the previous year:

This is an image of the former newsletter.
Here is the PDF if you'd like to see all 4 pages.


I designed this for them:

This is a screenshot of the newsletter I designed.
Here is the PDF if you'd like to see all 4 pages.

If I could do this again, I would change the cover; I would left align the kids' pictures in the two columns for a cleaner look.