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My Skills

I Use Computer Technology Extensively

I became familiar with computer technology at a very young age by a stroke of luck: My mother's then-boyfriend (now husband) had taken an interest in computers and had started repairing and building them in his free time. Thus, we always had a computer in our home.

In just first grade, I remember using MS-DOS to manually load Windows. Because I have used computer software for many personal and professional reasons throughout the years, I have broken down my skills by category. I have used most of this software on Windows computers, but I have also used some on Macs.

Documents, Data Management, & Presentations

I consider these to be common knowledge applications, but I will list them. I have extensively used Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. I have also used online equivalents, such as Google Drive. When I used computers that did not have Microsoft Office, I downloaded the open source versions from Apache (OpenOffice).

I am excited about the online presentation resources emerging, such as Prezi, which I recently used to make a visual guide on comma usage for my students. I have not had a need to use Microsoft Access or InfoPath, although I own both of them. I believe I would learn them quickly if I had a purpose for them. I own and have used Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for making forms.

Photo Editing

I studied photography in high school and took photojournalism in college, so I am relatively familiar with Adobe Photoshop. I do not use it regularly for advanced tasks but rather for cropping, designing digital scrapbook pages, adjusting levels/colors, and similar novice skills. I regularly use Photoshop in conjunction with Adobe Bridge for scrapbooking.

Multimedia Editing

At a workshop with the New York Times Student Journalism Institute, I learned how to edit audio files using Audacity. I used the program to edit podcasts for the institute and later for personal reasons, including recording family history and making ringtones. I went on to lead a workshop on Audacity for print journalists in our college.

I am less familiar with video editing because I have not needed it. During a one-day boot camp on broadcast journalism, I used Final Cut Pro to edit my video footage and put together a newscast. I found the software to be fairly straightforward to use.

Layout Design

I started using software for layout design in ninth grade; our journalism class used Adobe PageMaker. At home, I was already using cheap layout design software, such as PrintMaster. In college, I learned Quark XPress in just a couple of days on the job as a layout designer with the campus newspaper, and, soon after, Adobe InDesign. In workplace settings, I have used Microsoft Publisher, which I find to be limiting. I continue to use InDesign for scrapbooking and for making handouts for my students.

Web Design: Coding & Software

I taught myself basic html between seventh and eighth grade so that I could make fan web sites about anime. I mainly used tables, and then frames, but I switched to DIV tags in early high school. In college, I dabbled in PHP and used an extremely basic understanding of it to build the college magazine’s web site. I code in Notepad or Textpad. A few years ago, I purchased and used Dreamweaver (CS5) to build web sites when needed, including this site.

Ever since middle school,when I need to learn coding skills, I search on the web for guides, and I also use the source view to see how others have coded their sites. I do not consider myself expert. I am far from it; I have not learned professionally, nor advanced to XHTML, Javascript, and more. I know enough to get by within my field. At one point, one of my sites (PHP based) was hacked.

I have used FTP software, such as Filezilla, to upload web pages and graphics. Aside from designing sites, I am also familiar with content management systems online, such as Wordpress and Drupal. Three Rivers Community College recently introduced an eportfolio system for students, which I quickly learned so that I could help my students with it. I also trained a couple staff members on it.


I started using web cameras in fifth grade because my family lived on the other side of the country. Today, I am familiar with and regularly use video chat software and services, such as Skype and Google Hangouts.


I tried to limit my categories to skills that might be useful in educational settings. I do not yet know if the following is relevant:

I have turned to software for other needs, such as figuring out a 3-D room layout (eTeks Sweet Home). I regularly use Priority Matrix to organize my projects and tasks, and I previously used Natara Bonsai for productivity. I have developed surveys using multiple platforms, including SurveyMonkey and Google Drive.

I am familiar with multiple internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. I am familiar with educational content management systems, such as Blackboard and D2L, because I used them in my undergraduate studies.

Finally, in addition to using all of this software, I also maintain my computer myself, which means I have replaced internal parts as necessary (such as the power supply) and installed new parts (such as an internal wireless adapter).